Last week, me and my friends were discussing the power of confidence.

I recollected an event that happened about three decades ago. A poet was passing through a village when his car broke down. The weather was hot. Suddenly, an old man arrived, took the poet to his home and offered him a glass of buttermilk.

The buttermilk not only quenched the poet’s thirst, but also made him to do something for the poor old man. He took out a sheet of paper, wrote a poem and asked the man to send it to some magazine. After this, the poet moved on.

A couple of weeks later, the poet saw his poem published and an award had been sent to the old man. He was happy that the old man got the money.

The poet was confident about his work.

After hearing the story, a friend was curious to know who the poet was. I had to break the suspense. He was Tamil poet late Kavignar Kannadasan.

K. Ragavan


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