Tribute to Director Raja Krishna Menon 388.


Tribute to Director Raja Krishna Menon 388.
Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the indian film industry is none other than Director Raja Krishna Menon.Born in Kerala and studied in Bengaluru and started his earlier career with advertisement films.In his thirteen years film career he has contributed three films and one was the talk of the town in the recent days.The film was none other than Air Lift Created a big impact with audience as well criticism from various sides.What ever be the reactions Raja Krishna Menon has taken a very good subject and he has presented it with a message impressed me. Even though he has given three films i saw only AirLift on the Republic day.The film’s hero Akshaya Kumar, Heroine and all the other actors done their roll very well.Having spent 16Years i love UAE and the nice spots of Ras a lKhimah which was mainly taken from this movie in the place of Kuwait. Beautiful shots in indoor as well out door with good frame work by the Cinematographer Priya Seth is one of the main plus points of this movie.Raja Krishna Menon’s directorial touch and Screen play Dialoques was nice.Finally he is asking the audience What you have done to your Country Was nice and timely presented.In the recent months this was the good movie i saw with Akshaya Kumar’s action.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented Up coming Director.
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