God is watching.Article Published in Gulf today. U.A.E.on 3.May.

God is watching

A FEW days back I was waiting at the Rolla bus station to board a bus for Dubai. Along with a number of other people, a labourer was standing just behind me in the serpentine queue.

All of a sudden a man came and pushed the labourer. The blue-collared man protested saying that he was standing in the queue and thus he was the rightful occupant of the queue.

The labourer said he was waiting for over an hour and so on. Amidst all this chaos a RTA personnel came and pacified the duo.

As soon as this debate ended the bus arrived and all the passengers took their seats.

The mischief monger also occupied a seat. As the vehicle was about to move, he had a call. The wrong-doer asked his money to be refunded as some important work had showed up at his house which he had to tend to instantly.

Moral of the story is never trouble the innocent as God is watching.

K Ragavan


One Response to “God is watching.Article Published in Gulf today. U.A.E.on 3.May.”

  1. A Prathaap (wayn) Says:

    Trouble given to others is trouble for our ownself. just like sevice to the humanity is service to The GOD.

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