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Life is Beautiful 384

August 9, 2017


Life is Beautiful 384.

If every thing goes according to our wish means we are blessed with god is our philosophy.Ram strongly believe this concept from his Child hood.After attending Ananda rao son’s engagement ceremony ,met his beautiful Vasanthy also  already written by god.Love,affection ,and Sincerity
are the key factors for a good lovers irrespective of age was true in his case.He could n’t believe that he will meet his Vasanthy after Two and half decades  and he felt he missed two letters given by Vasanthy.The letters which he missed was also written by god is still his opinion.By the time he received a call from Raj
Good morning Ram.How are you
Ram.I am fine Raj,How are you and family
Raj.All are fine.I have been promoted as Foreign Affairs  Editor
Ram.Good news,i am very happy about you Raj.Congratulations.
Raj.Thank you.I am coming to Dubai next week.Exact date i will mail you.Today Murthy’s daughter
called me  that Sulai man will be inviting you for their Meeting to be held on  next friday.She will be also invite you personally.
Ram.Nice.You mail me about your arrival date.You can stay with me
Raj.That i will see,i have to inter act with leading papers,including Sulai man’s
Raj.Take care ,See you next week.
Raj.Last week i was in Bengaluru,travelled in the Metro it was nice.Though it was delayed it will certainly help the people and the traffic  also reduce considerably.
Ram.Good,i also seen in the T.V. They should increase the Bogies from three.May be initial stage they are having this later may increase.
Raj.True.Take care,Bye now
Ram.You too,Bye
After that Ram  was recollecting his conversation.He may not be attending Vasanthy’s  lunch on the friday because of Sulai man’s function at AbuDhabi. Ram was murmuring ,this was also already written by him.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,