Life is Beautiful 379


Life is Beautiful 379.

Ram and Prasanna reached the hotel.Madhavan was waiting for them
Good after noon Mr Ram,How are you
Ram.I am fine meet Prasanna
Madhavan.Nice to  meet youMr Prasanna.I am Madhavan i am having my own establishment in Madurai.
Prasanna.I know you are a good friend of Mr Lizioli whom i have business connection
Ram.Madhavan ,i told Prasanna about you.Prasanna also working for a Pharmaceutical Company
based in Mysore .
Madhavan.I see ,what all the products you manufacture
Prasanna.Vitamins,Pain relievers,and all Bracco Products we promote in Middle east.
Madhavan.Very nice.Bracco has Wonderful products.I know Lizioli and he is a nice person.
Prasanna.True.By the time Server came
Prasanna.You give three South indian thali.
Ram.You prefer south or North indian thali.
Madhavan.South indian.
Ram.This restaurant i like very much.More tasty ,
Madhavan.I think this hotel people from Karnataka
Ram.Yes.They are from south Canara.People from South Canara are smart, business minded and above all very courteous.
Madhavan.Yes,they are not only in to hotel business but also in banking sector they are dominating.
Ram.Very true.Most of the Banks from Karnataka south Canara people are in the top position and they really deliver.
Madhavan.I like them.Hard working,calculative and above all soft in nature and friendly.
Ram.You are right.I have my own admiration for South Canara Community.
By the time Server brought the thali.
Prasanna.Ram sir,your favorite Gulab Jamun sweet to day
Madhavam.Me too like  that
Prasanna.In Bengaluru MTR brand is famous for jamun.
Madhavan.I heard about that.As Ram said South Canara people born for Hotel and banking industry business.
Ram.They have already proved.Come on let us enjoy the delicious food
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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