Life is Beautiful 378.

Life is Beautiful 378.

Next day morning Prasanna came to Ram’s house.After greeting each other Ram took him inside.
Prasanna.Happy to see you after a month.
Ram.I am also happy to see you .
Prasanna.Mother prepared your favorite Mysore Pak and asked me to give you.
Ram.Thank you.Your mother always prepare Lovely Mysore Pak.Ilike very much.
Prasanna.Uncle Ananda rao was asking about you.
Ram.Thank you.I too want to see Ananda Rao.
Prasanna.My MD Srivatsava will be coming to Dubai after EID.
Ram.Good news.He is a nice person.
Prasanna.Mother is improving and asked me to convey her regards to you. can bring her to Dubai permanently.She is staying alone there.
Prasanna.I talked to her.She says she will think about that.Kathambari also wants that she should come and stay with us.
Ram.Good.Time has to come.
Prasanna.Today we will go to Venus restaurant.
Ram.Fine.What time we can start
Prasanna.After one hour.
Ram.Good,i will call our friend Madhavan to join with us.He has come from Madurai.He runs a Pharmaceutical company and good friend of Atkinson.He is also a good writer.Iread one of his book and impressed the way in which he takes the character.Now i call him
Ram called Madhavan.Good morning Mr Madhavan.How are you.
Madhavan.I am fine.Tell me Mr Ram
Ram.Why do n’t you join me for lunch
Ram.Karama Venus 1PM.
Madhavan.Fine.I will be there at 1p.m
After that Ram was talking with Prasanna
At 12’45 p.m.They left for Venus reached there at 1.p.m.
(to  be continued)
See You Next Week

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