Article Published in Gulf News UAE  on 4June 17,

Any sport should be rewarded

‘When I applaud the concept for cricket, I wonder why other games aren’t encouraged the same?’

In my country, India, particularly in my city of Bengaluru, basketball is quickly becoming more and more popular among teenage boys and girls. It’s amazing to watch the way they practise and play in tournaments. Games of all sorts, like football, hockey, basketball, table tennis and many others should be encouraged. Already India is supporting more for cricket and the encouragement for the players is fantastic, comparing to the old days. When I applaud the concept for cricket, I wonder why other games aren’t encouraged the same?

Basketball players should be encouraged with certificates, motivation and rewards. Infrastructure, like playground facilities should be improved. Proper seating arrangements and washrooms should be provided. Most of the players’ grandparents come to watch the match and they are finding it difficult to ease themselves because of poor infrastructure. My government should take care of infrastructure facilities for the visitors. Basketball is taking shape. Already US basketball is highly regarded and players get scholarships for higher studies and job opportunities.

My opinion is that any game should be encouraged. In basketball, players should show their skills and movement for scoring. The amount of practice the players spend and the execution of play should be rewarded. Good seating, washrooms and, above all, cleanliness of the ground is important and the government should monitor periodically whether these facilities are maintained.

Since my city is a famous IT hub and many will be watching if they visit the playground, just like the famous M. Chinnaswamy Stadium that attracts many, if the basketball ground or stadium was maintained and kept clean like that of my garden city, it will spread throughout the world. My request is for basketball players to be rewarded and the coaches, also. Will my government take up this call?

— The reader is retired and based in Bengaluru, India.


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