Life is Beautiful 368.

Life is Beautiful 468.

 That evening  Lizioli came to Ram’s  cabin along with Atkinson.

Lizioli .How are you Ram.After one and half year i am seeing you.
Ram.Very happy to see you today Lizioli.How is your family.
Lizioli.All are fine.Today we have completed Three years business association with your Channel.
Our company is very happy with your  association.
Ram.Thank you.
Lizioli.Only i am missing Prasanna this time.He is doing a fine job of promoting our products in Middle east particularly Dubai.
Ram.We are proud of Prasanna.
Atkinson.Yes,he is a Wonderful  Leader.
Ram.He is handling  very nicely  his marketing people.
Lizioli.Yes.Today evening i am inviting you both for Dinner.
Atkinson.Why?You are our guest.we will go out for dinner
Lizioli.Tomorrow we will go.Today is my B.Day
Ram.Congratulations Lizioli
Atkinson.This time you are celebrating in Dubai.
Lizioli.Yes.We will go to  that Govinda restaurant where wewent last time.I like their Vegetarian concept.
Ram.Fine.We will meet there at 7-30P.M
Lizioli.Thank you both.I have to meet a doctor at 5P.M .Appointment fixed by Prasanna.I will make a move now.Hope we will enjoy in the evening.
Atkinson.Sure,we will meet in the evening .
After he left Ram
Atkinson he is a fine person.
Atkinson.Yes,younger days i like CarloPonti films.Italians are  friendly and spent more for dresses and watches.
Ram.True.I too see CarloPonti ,movies.Films viz Boccasio,Yesterday Today and Tomorrow.
Atkinson.You remember those  films names.Great
After that Atkinson left.Ram was concentrating his work.
Evening he called Ali to come and pick him at the restaurant.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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