Life is Beautiful 367.


Life is Beautiful 367.

 Next day as usual Ram reached his office little early because the traffic was less.Today in the Global scenario the traffic has become one of the major issue for all the Countries.Development,people migrating from one place to another above all usage of  more Vehicles are the main attributing reasons for traffic.Luckily there was less traffic Ram reached before time.  He received a call from Atkinson.
Good morning Ram,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Tell me
Atkinson.Today  Mr Lizioli is Coming here.I got a call from him yesterday.Since Prasanna has gone to India he will meet us.Just for your information.
Ram.Fine,what time he is  coming.
Atkinson.After noon at 3P.M.
After that Ram checked the mails.Raj has sent many .Particularly he wanted to cover the recent Tamil Nadu by poll election post ponement.
Ram gone through the details of the report sent by Raj  particularly the  documents seized by the Income tax department raided in the ruling party Minister’s place.
After seeing  the elaborated report Ram felt very sad  why Ministers are inducing Voters by giving money for casting their Votes.When any one offers the human tendency is to accept.Only the person giving should be taken  to task was his opinion.
He called the News Editor told her how to cover the latest tamilnadu news  in the evening .
Most of his coverage liked by all because all are neutal .
After given instruction  Ram received a call from Prasanna.
Sir,i reached safely.Mother is better.Kindly take care our client Lizioli who is coming there today.
Ram.Sure,You take care of your mother.Bye
(to  becontinued)
See You Next Week,

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