Letter Published in GulfNews UAE on 30March 17,Arrogance on display

The behaviour displayed by Gaikwad against an Air India senior staff member should be strictly condemned. He assaulted the staff member with his sandal, which is completely unacceptable in a civil and democratic society. People are electing Members of Parliament to serve a primarily symbolic role, in order to enact good governance and serve the general interests of the public with respect towards all citizens, particularly seniors. Because Gaikwad was not given an executive seat, he demonstrated bad behaviour. With an open ticket for business class, he travelled on an all-economy flight without any executive seat. His arrogant behaviour and temper should not be tolerated by his political party.

The Parliament should also ban him from political candidacy so that any misdemeanour from public officials would be highlighted in the future. MPs should not think that they are superior to others. They are expected to serve by example to their people. The Indian government should implement some rules regarding this. The Parliament is a political system with the role of executing law and order for the development of the country. The Indian government should take some measures in disciplining arrogant government politicians, as they should be exemplary role models in society.

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India


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