Life Is Beautiful 355.


Life is Beautiful 355.

Ram was waiting for Prasanna’s call for Vasanthy’s  health.At that time call was Kathambari
Ram,how are you.Mom is still running temperature .Doctor asked to take blood test.I am now going to doctor.Nothing to worry.She needs rest. Prasanna asked me to convey to you
Ram.O.K. Wishing her a speedy recovery
After that Ram was little worried.Even  when Vasanthy was in India she never  suffered for headache
and why suddenly this development.He was praying to his lord Srinivasa for her speedy recovery.
If every thing goes smoothly no one  bother.But that is not in our hands.After that Ram started for the
evening walk since it was friday.
When he was walking suddenly his paper boy called,Sir,Good evening.
Ram.Yes,Tell me
Paper boy.Sir ,take this sweet.My mother was suffering  from fever  and  yesterday only she has come to normal.When i met you one month back i told you    when you are asking why my face sad and i told my mother was sffering for the past twenty fivedays.
Ram.Yes,now i remember and told she will recover soon.
Boy.Yes sir,your wishes made my mother fast recovery.Kindly take this sweet.
Ram.Thank you.
After he left Ram was praying for his Beautiful Vasanthy’s recovery.
His walking was also went on well and came home .After finishing his  mails check and reply
Ram came to kitchen took Bread slices for night dinner.

(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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