Life is Beautiful 353.


Life is Beautiful 353.

 Murthy was busy in his office .By that time he received a call from Prasanna.
Good morning sir,How are you ,mrs  and daughter.
Murthy.All are fine.How is life there.Dubai is talk of the place every day.
Prasanna.True,it is growing day by day.
Murthy.What is the reason you called me.
Prasanna.Today my mother in law’s is not usual one .Some thing important
Murthy.Is it
Prasanna. Today She will be completing  two decades in Dubai as well her falls  on today.I want to inform you that this important Occassion  and Ram sir will be joining with us for dinner.
My regards to madam and the Journalist Nirmala.Raj Uncle i have tried could n’t get.Kindly inform him
Murthy.Yes i will tell them.Happy to see the progress of our new product.Take care .My wishes to your mother in law,Kathambari and regards to our good friend Ram.
After his call Murthy received a call from Raj.
Good morning Murthy ,how are you.
Murthy.I am fine.How is every body at home.
Raj.All are fine.
Murthy.Just now Prasanna called and conveyed his regards.
Raj.What is the reason
Murthy.His Mother in law ‘s today as well she is completing two decades in Dubai.
Raj.Nice.Why i called you was today i am having Satyanarayana pooja in my house .You have to come with family at 6-30.P.M.
Murthy.Thank you.We will be there .
Raj.See you in the evening ,bye
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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