Life is Beautiful 350.

Life is Beautiful 350.
After reaching home Ram received a call from Prasanna.
Sir,how are you.I could n’t talk to you for few days.We are launching a new Cardiovascular drug and hence i was busy.
Ram.Thank you Prasanna for calling.I always believe work is our first priority and the rest next.Concentrate your work first.How is Kathambari,as she was busy in some interviews i have not seen her in the office.
Prasanna.She is fine.She was asking me to call you and find out your health.
Ram.Thanks.When people are showering love and affection on me my health will be always wonderful.How is your job.
Prasanna.Fine.Today i saw the T.V .that Chennai is facing crisis on the Vardha Cyclone and lot of damages to the people.Power was cut due to the trees fallen.
Ram.Yes,i also seen .Last december the people of Chennai had rains and this year Cyclone
Prasanna.But the new team of administrators done a good job of rescuing the people ,making necessary arrangements.
Ram.You are right.In Center PM is doing a good job ,but his work was disturbed by the Corrupt bank officials helping the politicians in exchanging new notes which was very much affected by the Commonpeople of with drawing money from the ATM.
Prasanna.You are right.Because of money was accumulated with few people no funds for the people.Sad state of affairs.
Ram.Hope things will take a better shape after few days.
Prasanna.Hope for that only.Bye sir,take care.
See You Next Week,


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