Tribute to Late ChiefMinister J.JayaLalitha 433.

Tribute to Late Chief Minister J.Jaya Lalitha 433.
Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality turned in to a Successful politician and established her image and principles is none other than Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Started her Career as a film actress in Vennira Aadai created a big impact in five decades by late Director C.V.Sridhar is not an exaggerated one.Inspired by her Hero actor and leader of ADMK
M.G.R she joined the party ADMK.. After the demise of her leader M.G.R she gave Couple of remarkable movies and retired from film world and Concentrating in Politics wanted to serve the people of tamilnadu which was her leader’s philosophy is no wonder.With all the hurdles opposition parties criticism she was dominating in the tamilnadu politics should be applauded.She was selected as General secretary by the party Unanimously and dominating for three decades is not a easy joke in Indian politics.Liked by one and all particularly women made her very popular over the years.I was not only her fan in my earlier days from Venniraaadai and other films felt sad on her demise.She was fighting in the hospital for more than 75 days with the care of excellent experts could not survive indicates fate no one can escape.Even though she may have some short falls,over all she is a good administrator,deciding authority,terror to opposition and Amma to people.Her recent schemes made her more popularity not only with the people but also the other states.there is a proverb what ever you do that will reflect is true in her case.On her death day millions of people came and paid last respects to their departed leader.Actress,Politician,Charismatic Knowledgable with few languages and above all her impressive English delivery Jayalathia is no more.Her principles ,policies will continue in tamilnadu is my hope.Today i am very happy to tribute this great personality.
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