Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 10Dec 16,(My Article 495)
Friendly encounter

I was returning in a bus when I noticed that a person seated next was staring at me. After some time he himself started a conversation telling “Your face looks familiar.” I looked at him and also felt that we had met somewhere.

In a few seconds, I recollected that he was my hotel room-mate when I first went to Mumbai for my training in 1967.

I vividly remembered this because he had become very friendly at that time and had even taken me around the important places in Mumbai.

He said he now owned a printing press in a city called Sivakasi. When I called him out by his name, he was stunned and happy that I remembered his name even after nearly five decades.

I then told him about another funny incident that we had encountered together. We had had our lunch at a restaurant and he offered to pay the bill. The waiter brought back the balance change and waited expecting a tip. My friend took the remaining coins and started to move. We could hear the waiter murmur “stingy guy,” but my friend ignored him.

When I narrated that incident, my friend stated, “I do not feel compelled to pay a tip.

“He was just doing his job, just like I would do mine. Even if he thinks I am stingy, it is because of that I own a press now and also employ a dozen people.”

I do not know whether I agree with him, but I surely enjoyed meeting him after such a long time.
K. Ragavan


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