Tribute to RamaLingaSwamy 432.

Today i remembered another interesting personality who has created a big impact in Marketing Pharmaceutical products five decades back is none other than RamaLinga Swamy popularly known as V.R.Swamy.He was the person selected me in the leading pharmaceutical company Pharmed Private Ltd before five decades back.He was the Consultant director at that time and i was selected for the famous city Madurai as my head quarters as Medical representative.Under his guidence and our Capable Marketing manager V.V.Satyanarayana known as V.V.S. I learned many things about marketing Pharmaceutical formulations.The Company gave me good training ,taught me anatomy and physiology in those days with a well versed and Capable Physician Dr V.S.J.Rao. I spent seventeen years in this organisation and learned and earned a good name.Discipline,Methodology,presenting the products,and above all meeting top class Consultants i acquired from Pharmed.Even though i departed twentythree years back from pharma industry still i remember the training ,discipline and the formulations of various products.I owe a lot to this trio V.R.S. v.v.s and .V.S.J. who taught and inspired me.Today i remembered this talented Person who selected me and mademe little knowledge in the Sophisticated Pharma Industry.Even though two of this trio are not alive now i always remember the association i had with this Wonderful People.
See You Next Week,


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