Life is Beautiful 348.

Life is Beautiful 348.
Ram was returning from the Office.Heavy traffic in Shaick Zayed road,Ali was going slowly
Ali.Sir,today i do n’t know why so much traffic.
Ram.Every day the traffic is increasing,because of tourists from Middle east.Next week UAE is going to Celebrate National day.For this Celebration many tourists have Come from the Middle east.I read it in the paper.
Ali.Yes sir.I am here for the past 11Years and seeing the function in the T.V
Ram.I am also watching for the past three years.It is a Colurful function.
By the time Ram received a call from Murthy
Ram,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.How is your family.
Murthy.All are fine.We all came to Vontikopal temple to do pooja .
Ram.I see,How is Nirmala.My Congratulations to her.
Nirmala.Thank you uncle.I want your Blessings for a bright career
Ram.You will have a bright future.
Murthy.Thank you Ram.How is Dubai
Ram.Dubai is fine UAE is getting ready for the national day.Lot of tourists all over from middle east has arrived.I am returning home but because of heavy traffic i am held UP
Murthy.Take care.I want to inform you that we are in the temple praying for all of our good friends health should go peacefully.
Ram.Today health is very important,with out health nothing can be implemented.Tcare.Regards to Raj and others.
Murthy.Raj has gone to see his friend opposite house of the temple.I will convey.Bye now
By that time the traffic was eased and Ali started moving little past.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week


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