Life is Beautiful 347.

Life is Beautiful 347.
While going to Vontikopal temple Murthy saw lot of people are standing in the queue in the ATM Machines of various banks to with draw money.Nirmala was asking Murthy,
Dad, After the prime minister’s with drawl of 500Rs and 1000 rs people deposited their old notes and now taking money for their day to day life through ATM .The tough task taken by our prime minister may have some hurdles in the few days but later will have good calm life for the people particularly common and middle class people.
Murthy.You are right .As a Journalist your thinking is right.Your report sent to the paper was very much appreciated by Editorial people.we have to appreciate our prime minister’s bold decision to curb the black money.
By the time Murthy received a call.Raj was on the other line
Raj.Murthy,i will be reaching the temple in few minutes.I have just with drew some cash from the ATM.
Murthy.We are talking about the people standing near the ATM .We will be also reach the temple shortly.We are in the Ramakrishna Ashram.See you there
After few seconds Murthy reached the Temple. Suddenly some body called
Ananda Rao was standing.Pleasant surprise to see you all
Murthy.Good thing i met you here. My daughter Nirmala got a job in a leading daily in UAE She will be based in India sending reports periodically about Indian news.
Anandarao.Good news,i am blessing her to have a wonderful career in this vast Journalism field.
Nirmala.Thank you Uncle.’By the time Raj also reached there
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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