Life is Beautiful 344.


Life is Beautiful 344.
After finishing their meals Ram and Vasanthy came out from the dining hall.
Vasanthy.What is your plan now,
Ram.Tell me
Vasanthy.I thought of spending One hour with you in Lulu Center
They reached Lulu Center famous shopping complex sat on the Chair for Visitors use.
Lulu Center is always busy.Most of the items are available and prices also Competitive.
Vasanthy.I came mainly to see you
Vasanthy.Many things i wanted to discuss with you in person.But time has not come till today.Mainly i wanted to discuss about Kathambari’s future
Ram.She has already in a good position ,got married to a good boy.
Vasanthy.I Know.Regarding her future assets i want to make arrangements.
Ram.Fine.What i can do
Vasanthy.Well,i have written two letters very elaborately about her .You know that.
Ram could n’t reply yes because both the letters he has not read.
Vasanthy.O.K.yOU Know that
By that time Ram received a call from the office.Atkinson was on the other line
Ram,Where are you ,Sulaiman is in our office.Waiting for you.Can you make it fast
Ram.With in twenty minutes i can come to our office.
Vasanthy.O.K. Your presence is needed You start.,We will meet some other time.Bye now.Take care
Ram.You too take care,Love you
He came out took a taxi .
While going he was thinking this time also he escaped from Vasanthy regarding the two letters she has given to him.How long i can pretend like this ,Ram was murmuring
By the time he reached his office.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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