Life is Beautiful 343.


Life is Beautiful 343.
Sulai Man was inthe other line.
Ram,i was held up on my way back from Abudhabi.Heavy traffic.I do n’t think i will be able to reach with in One hour.i Will call you and come to your office.
Ram.No Problem,Iwill make a move.
While Coming in the Car he received a call ,it was Vasanthy on the other line.
Ram,how are you
Hearing his Beautiful Vasanthy’s Beautiful voice Ram was very happy
How are you Vasanthy,Where are you.
Vasanthy.Ram,i came to Karama for Purchases.I thought if you are free we can have lunch to gether
Ram.Right now i am nearing Karama from a meeting.Now the time is 12-30.What time you can come
Vasanthy.Fifteen miniyues time
Ram.I will be in Venus restaurant.
Ram.Ali,you drop me in Venus restaurant.After lunch i will come straight to office.
They reached the Wonderful Venus restaurant.
Ram came to the reception.
After few minitues his Beautiful Vasanthy arrived

Vasanthy was wearing green sareewhich Ram likes very much.
Hello Ram,after long time.
Ram.Yes,Vasanthy.Today our meeting unexpectedand nice
Ram.Love you.Even though i am not meeting you are with me
Ram.Same to me.
After ordering Indian meals they were looking at each other.
Vasanthy is alwayssmiling ,when ever she smiles her eye brows looks nice.Ram admire that.
Vasanthy.Hello,hero what your seeing on me.
Ram.I am Wondering at this age 53 not even a single gray hair for you.You are maintaining your health very nicely.
Vasanthy.All for my hero only.
Ram.Today you are in good romantic mood,what is the reason
Vasanthy.After seeing you i am excited.Every time we plan and won’t meet.Probably for that reason i am excited
Ram.I am also unable to express my feelings/
By the time their meals arrived
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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