Life is Beautiful 342.


Life is Beautiful 342.
Next day morning Ram came to office.His Cyprus Client was waiting for him.After finishing the for mal talk the client renewed his Contract for another two years.
Ram.Thank you Mr Solomon.
Solomon.I am happy with your association.Your Presentaion of our products is good ,welcomed by our agents.
Ram.Good,we always give good coverage for our clients.
Solomon.O.K.i am making a move.
Ram.Why,you should have lunch with us.
Solomon. Thanks.I have some other work.
Ram.When are you going to Cyprus.
Solomon.After three days.I will call you before i leave.
Ram.Bye,Take care
After Solomon left Ram reached Atkinson’s Cabin
Good after noon Atkinson.
Atkinson.Hope the renewal has done.
Ram.Yes,for another two years.
Atkinson.Very good.
Ram.I am going out to meet Sulaiman in his office ,will be back after lunch.
Ram came out .Ali was waiting for him.
Ram received mail from Raj in the morning about Murthy’s daughter Nirmala joining in Sulai man’s paper as Indian Correspondent.He called him and fixed an appointment in the after noon now going to meet him. After half an hour they reached Sulai man’s office.
He was received by his Secretry
Sir,please wait ,my boss will come shortly.
Ram .O.K.I will wait.
Mean time Ram received a call from Sulaiman.
Ram,i will be back shortly.You have Tea
Ram.No problem,i do n’t want now.
After his call over Ram was reading their paper.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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