Life is Beautiful 341.

Life is Beautiful 341.
The other side was Vasanthy.
Ram,,you are coming to the Temple in the evening
Ram.I was planning to meet you.But still i am in my review meeting.It will take some more time.I do n’t think i will reach there at 6P.M.
Vasanthy.No problem,we will meet some other time.
Ram.O.K.Take care
Vasanthy.I am not starting from my house.After getting your confirmation i wanted to start.No problem.You too take care.
Ram felt very bad.Every time he could n’t go because of work.
Then he entered in to the hall.
Atkinson.Finished your call Ram.
Atkinson.Our Cyprus client is coming here tomorrow.He will be visiting our office between 10-11.A.M
Ram.Iwill be here.
Atkinson.You can meet and discuss our renewal.
Atkinson.Bye ,see you tomorrow.
Then all left the meeting room.
By the time the time was 6P.M. Ali came to pick up Ram.
Shall we go sir,
Ram.I am ready.
While going Ram was thinking today he is supposed to meet his Beautiful Vasanthy but could n’t meetWhat ever we plan nothing will happen.Every thing God has already written.Ram was smiling
murmuring,what ever happens ,all for good only
(tobe continued0
See You Next Week,


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