Tribute to Writer B.R,Rajam Iyer 424.
Today i remembered another interesting personality from the Tamil Literary World is none other than Writer B.R.Rajam Iyer.One of the Old writer who has created a big impact through his first novel Kamalambal Saritram. This is the Second Novel in those days liked by thousands of readers.After Pradaba Mudaliar Saritram this novel was very popular appreciated by Stalwarts,Thirar Satyamoorthy,B.S.Ramaiah and others.This novel was based on Woman and today also liked by many.His language ,imagination was superior in those days and many famous writers Commented ,after Kamalambal Saritram no other novels has come in those days.He hails from Madurai district Batlagundu studied in a small school later finished his B.A. His ambition was to visit other Countries and write about their culture and history could not fulfilled because of his financial back ground.He has also written in English.Based on KambaRamayanam he has written a bout Kambar which was applauded by thousands.Later he started writing in Philosophical articles attracted by many. Later he met Swami Vivekananda got his blessings become editor of Prabhudha Bharatha was worth to be mentioned here. He lived only short span of time but created a big name in the Tamil Literary World is Very important.Today i am very happy to tribute this great writer.
See You Next Week,


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