Life is Beautiful 339.


Next day Morning Ram started his routine.Seen the papers took bath and had his breakfast.
Exactly at 8-30A.M Driver Ali came.Ram came down entered in to the car.Ali
Good Morning Sir,
Ram.Good morning Ali.How are you.When you came from India.
Ali.Yesterday sir
Ram.How is your Mother.Is she improving
Ali.Much better sir.Another good news i met my friend’s son who is a good friend of the recent Gold Medal winner Mariappan in the Rio Olympics in my native place.Really Mariappan made proud to Tamil nadu.
Ram.I am also extremely happy about his achievement.You know he is a BBA Graduate yet to get employment.Government should provide him and now they may give
Ali.This is the good news i brought this time from India Sir
By that time Ram ‘s Mobile was ringing.Vasanthy was in the other line
Good Morning Ram,hope we will meet in the evening
Ram. Yes,We will meet in the evening.What time
Vasanthy.Six thirty P.M.
Vasanthy.For that only i called.See you in the evening.
After few minutesRam reached his office
When he entered his cabin Atkinson’s Secretary was waiting
Good Morning Sir,Today we have our this month’s review meeting.
Ram.What time.
Secretary.Evening 4P.M.
Then Ram was busy with his work.
After two hours work Ram had his Tea .By that time he received a call from Sullai man
Good morning Ram.Any development regarding Indian Correspondent
Ram.Yes,you may get the details from me in a day or two
Sulaiman.Nice.For this only i called.Bye
After that Ram was preparing for the reviewmeeting
( to be continued)
See You Next Week


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