Tribute 422.


Tribute to Writer T.K.Siva Sankaran 422
Today i remembered another interesting personalityin the Tamil Literary World is none other than
T.K.Sivsankaran popularly known as Thi .Ka.Si.In his earlier days he was associated with Communist Partyand was the influential person for the Journal Thamarai. He was the friends of ValliKannan,and T.M.Chidambara Raghunathan..He was also introduced writers
,Viz,Prabanchan,.Poomani and SelvaRaj.He was Bestowed Sahitya Academi Award in 2000 for his
wonderful work VimarisanangalMathipurai Pettigal.Later in 2008 a documentry film on him was released by Tamil Koodam Chennai. A Charitable trust formed by Tanjore Tamil University under his name shows his Popularity and Creations.He has Won many other awardsincluding Government of Tamil nadu literry award .Incidendly he hails from Tirunelveli where many talented Writers was born
and father of Writer Vannadhasan.Known for his writing talents,language and involvement.I have read his Pettigal creation Even though he is not with us his creations are infront of us. .Today i am happy to tribute this Legend in the Tamil Literary World..
See You Next Week,


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