Life is Beautiful 336.


Life is beautiful 336.
For the past few days Mysore Climate was very nice.Cool breeze in the after noonand evening slight drizzle .Prasanna’s mother was feeling better and started going to Vontikopal Venkateswara temple which she likes very much.When she entered the main entrance Murthy was entering from the other side with his wife.
Murthy.Amma,how are you.
Mother.I am fine,How are you
Murthy.I am fine.Aarti also come.By the timeAarti wished mother.
Mother.How are you Aarti and daughter
Aarti.She is fine.Now she has finished her studies and looking for job.
Mother.She is a bright girl.She will get a good job.
Aarti.With your blessings she will get soon.
By the time Murthy’s mobile was ringing.Raj was on the other side
Hello Murthy,Where are you
Murthy.I am in Vontikopal temple.
Raj.What time you will come home.
Murthy.I met Prasanna’s motherand talking.
Raj.Nice,I will come to your house tomorrow.
Murthy.Tell me what is the matter.
Raj.Ram has sent me a mail asking me to suggest a Journalist for this region.Immediately i thought of your daughter Nirmala.She is a bright girl suitable for this post.
Murthy.Thank you.Where is the job.
Raj.She should be based in Karnataka coordinating local newses,and some interviews with a leading Dubai based Paper.
Murthy.Will she can handle this
Raj.Certainly.She can deliver.
Murthy.As you wish.I will ask her and Come back to you.
Raj.By now,expecting your reply tomorrow.
After this Conversation Aarti was looking at Mother
I told you Amma ,your Blessings she will get soon.Now Nirmala is getting a offer.
Murthy.Amma,i will drop you and go.
Then all left Leaving Mother in her house and Murthy was going to his house.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week


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