Life is Beautiful 335.


Life is Beautiful 335.
After Vasanthy left the mall Sulaiman came to Ram
Good evening Ram.It was a pleasant surprise or me to see you here
Ram.I came to see a friend of mine
Sulaiman.Fine,i thought of calling you tomorrow,since i met you here i wanted to convey that
Ram.Tell me Sulaiman
Sulaiman..We want to appoint a Regional coordinator or Correspondent in India
for news and other events happening there.For that i need your help for appointing a good person.
Ram.Me, i have a Journalist friend already working there ,i will ask wheather he can recommend some one
Sulaiman.That ‘s good.Kindly find out and let me know in a week’s time.I will make a move
Ram.O.K.i Will come back to you ,bye now.
After that Ram reached his house.After resting for half an hour he switched on the T.V. Saw the Olympics results and felt happy Women played a major roll and won prizes.He was thinking earlier Women was in Corporate ,Journalism,and other fields now entered in to Sports was a good development.He was also thinking Sports should be encouraged and lot of talented people should be encouraged..
By that time his phone was ringing.Raj was in the other line
Hello Ram how are you.I have just sent one mail to you about the recent Olympics results and how Indian Women played.I am in a meeting.Kindly see
Ram.Fine.I will also mail tomorrow about a matter which you can suggest.Good night
Raj.Good night.
That evening Ram was to meet his Beautiful Vasanthy and spent with her ,but every thing has changed.What ever we propose God has already decidedand that will only happen.All for good is Ram’s Philosophy.
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week,


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