Doctor’s delight

Some relationships are relished when they are old. Nevertheless, what may be the circumstances you will be able to enjoy it. That is called true friendship.

It is true, meeting people after a gap of one year will have more impact on their real friendship. I recently met my doctor friend who lives in Chennai away from my place. He was so happy to see me after a long time.

After exchanging greetings he was remembering and telling me about our last meeting. We discussed so many things. I was amazed by the fact he remembers everything despite his busy schedule of practice. I told him, You have an elephant’s memory.

Remembering is an art and only few people have mastered this art.

A friend called me and asked me “Are you alright today? Why did you go to the doctor? Are you OK?” I jovially replied, “Meeting a doctor does not mean I am going for treatment always.”

Sometimes you go and see your friend at the clinic. He is a friend of mine.

He felt happy that I was fit and didn’t have any health issues.


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