Tribute 412.


MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016

Tribute to Late Producer ,Director A.V.Meyyappan.412.
To day i remembered another interesting film personality from the South indian film industry is none other than late Producer,Director A.V.,Meyyappan .Chettinad has created many Entrepranurs in all walks of life Starting from education,banking,automobile and film field. Meyappan also hails from Chettinad.Meyyappan created his own studio under the name A.V.M. with talented technicians in those days.He has produced many memorable movies in tamil and other languages with top class actors.He had Director duo Krishnan -Panchu associated with him for many years given remarkable movies to the cine fans.Istill remember Vazkkai actedBy late T.R.Ramachandran and Vyjayanthimala.Parasakthi,Uyarthamanithan,Anbe va ,Annai,and Kulandaiumdeivamum was memorable from his Banner.A.V.M Studio one of the wellEquipped one with all facilities including Rerecording,and processing.S.Maruthirao was his cinemotographer for many of his films.Most of the today’s popular actors acted in his movies.Sincere,dedicated and hard working Meyyappan was an example to thefilm industry.His sons following their dad’s foot steps is not a exagerated one.M.Saravanan.M.Balasubramanian and grand son M.S.Guhan doing a tremondus job not only in the big screen but also in the small screen. 2007, Shivaji was a super hit film from A.V.M.banner ,Acted by Stal wart Rajni kant and others.Famous Directors S.P.Muthuraman,,A.C.Trilok chander,V.C.Gugha nathan and stalwarts Krishnan panchu are from AVM school. .Art director Thotta Dharani,Re reording Engineers T.S.Rangaswamy,J.J.Manickam and Sivaraman are associated with this stalwart.A.V.M Studio was known for it’s hospitality for out siders coming for shooting.Even though Meyyappan is not with us,still his Studio continue to serve the film fraternity.To day i tribute this stalwart.
See You Next Week,


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