Life is Beautiful 328.

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016

Life is Beautiful 328.
After the heavy lunch Kathambari was telling to Ram
Hope you have enjoyed the lunch.
Ram.Yes,i full enjoyed .All items are tasty
Vasanthy.Thank you.
Prasanna.Sir,why not we go for a movie tomorrow.
Ram.Tomorrow not possible.Because one of my new client invited for tomorrow’s Eid party at his residence.Iam taking Atkinson with me.
Kathambari.No problem.We will go next week
Ram.What Picture
Prasanna.New movie Kapali
Ram.Latest Rajnikanth movie.We will go next week
Prasanna.It may run next week.We will go
Kathambari.You can take rest for some time.Iwill drop you.
Ram.No.I have to go .
Vasanthy.O.K.Kathambari you can drop him .
Kathambari.Iwill bring my car key.She went in side .Prasanna also went with her.
Meantime Vasanthy, this letter.She gave a cover to him.Ram took that.
After that Ram left to his place.Kathambari dropped him.
After opening the door immediately Ram opened the cover which Vasanthy gave to him.
The Letter started like this,Dear hope you might have read my earlier letter expressing every thing in the past.Ilove you,expecting your call tomorrow.
Ram was happy to see his beautiful vasanthy’s beautiful hand writing.
He was thinking how to talk to her tomorrow.He does n’t knowwhat she has expressed in the previous letter which he lost when he opened it has gone with the wind.
If he tells her that she lost she will feel bad and think that he is not loving her.
Ram was worring how to tell her tomorrow.
Good people only god will test.After many years he met her and the letter which was given he could n’t read.What a unlucky man i am Ram was feeling himself.
After that he slept for one hour and evening he went for a walk.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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