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My Article Published in Gulf News UAE on 10July 16, India’s constitution needs a change
We need to change how we elect parliamentarians and if they deserve their post
India’s constitution needs a change
We need to change how we elect parliamentarians and if they deserve their post

By Ragavan Krishnamachary

Today many countries, including India, have democratic values and polls are the main tool for electing people for power to clean governance without corruption. However, many countries continue to struggle with corruption. This is mainly due to greedy politicians who want to amass wealth with evil thoughts and selfish motives. They are accumulating wealth and putting it in other countries, like Panama, which was revealed recently. One small mercy in other countries, even though politicians’ loot, they still make sure that citizens are comfortable with facilities and infrastructure like roads for their people. This is more visible in other countries – not India. I am proud to say that my country is the largest democratic country in the world and that parliamentarians are elected by powerful people and this should be applauded.

Unfortunately, corruption is more rampant and it is increasing day-by-day. My feeling is that the concept of Parliamentarians’ age should not exceed more than 65 years for both men and women to perform better. In many places, the age is above 70 to 75 years old. This age limit will help politicians to work better, maintain memory and strength.

When they are elected by the people to occupy the chair and if they are not providing infrastructure like roads, education and health, that means good governance is not there. The same elected people should have the right to throw them out from power in my opinion. Only then will politicians fear and deliver to the people. To throw them out, the constitution would need to be altered.

By implementing this act, every country would develop more and politicians would hold a greater respect for the people. Will my country take up this call and implement age limit and people should have the power to throw the elected politicians – it will be a real democracy.

— The reader is retired and based in Bengaluru, India


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