Life is Beautiful 327.


Life is Beautiful 327.
Ram took the phone.It was Sulaiman in the other line.
Good after noon Mr Ram.Sorry to disturb you.I am inviting you and your MD tomorrow evening EID Party in our office at Dubai.Iam expecting you both.We will discuss our business proposal day after tomorrow.You know our dubai office location.
Ram.I do n’t know.
Sulaiman.O.K. I will mail you .
Ram.What time you expect us.
Sulaiman.Seven p.m.
Sulaiman.Thank you and have a nice day.
After that Conversation Ram explained to Kathambari how Sulaiman came to his house and now inviting for EID Party.
Kathambari.Nice,We are now familiar in Middle eastand hope this proposal will bring good revenue for us
Vasanthy.Today also ,office work.Kathambari prepare the table and keep the items ready.
Kathambari.Yes,Mummy five minutes i will arrange.
Prasanna.Can i help
Kathambari.No ,i will do my self.
Vasanthy.She will manage herself.
Prasanna.What istoday’s special sweet.
Kathambari.Guys ,come to Dining hall.
When they entered the table every thing kept nicely.
Vasanthy.First i will serve soup.
Kathambari.Mummy prepared nice tomoto soup.Hope Ram will enjoy.
Ram.My favourite
They started sipping the hot delicious soup.
After that Poori was served with potato.Then South indian onion sambar,chips,Beans curry.
Ram.All the items are tasty.
Kathambari.Now this item every one will enjoy.Taste and tell the name
Ram tasted that sweet.It was fantastic taste and he could smelt that item
Kathambari ,this is milk halwa prepared with milk and Jackry.
Ram.I love this
Vasanthy was smiling and looked at Ram.Today’s menu she has prepared Ram’s favorite dishes.
Ram was also looked at his Beautiful Vasanthy.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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