Tribute 408.

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016

Tribute to Cinematographer S.Ramachandra408.
Today i remembered another interesting film personality from Kannada film industry is none other than Late Cinematographer S.Ramachandra.In his film career he has worked with top class directors of Kannada film industry and actors.He has many films to his credit and all are remarkable.Started his career with Popular Cinematographer Shariff and later established his identity.He has also contributed Screen play and direction apart from his roll as Cinematographer.He was bestowed National Film Awards for his films for Cinematography.He was also awarded for his life time Contribution to Kannadafilms.He has also worked in many ad commercial films.Popular directors and actors are applauded for this doyen’s work.I have seen few films of this stalwart.Those films are malgudi days (hindi)and VamshaVirksha.He has worked many T.V.Serials also.Today Cinematography has become an important elemant in film and Indian technicians of all states acclaimed a good name is not an exaggerated one.His frame work both in indoor and out door was superb in those days with out much advancementshould be laudable.Even though he is not with us his brilliant works are with us and people are enjoying.Today i am very happy to tribute this Award Winning Cinematographer of Kannada Film Industry.
See You Next Week,


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