Life is Beautiful 323.


Life is Beautiful 323.
Vasanthy.How i am important
Lizioli.You have given your daughter ,to our friend Prasanna.Kathambari is Sweet,Knowledgable and above all a good human .I have been seeing her in the past 18Months with my association with their Channel.
Kathambari.Thank you for your compliment Sir,
Vasanthy.I am very happy that people are appreciating Kathambari.
Ram.Ever since i met her in Mysore,i admire her qualities.
Prasanna,. I am really proud of her.
Lizioli.This party is purely a get together ,mainly for the newly married Couple.
Ram.Nice of you.
By that time the waiter bought the started Tomoto soup.
Lizioli.I asked Prasanna to arrange all Vegetarian food.Last time when i came i took Vegetarian Lunch and was nice.I enjoyed that.
Prasanna.That same menu i ordered sir
Ram.How is Italy Lizioli
Lizioli.Fine,it is developing,not like your Dubai.You and Atkinson should visit once to our place.
Atkinson.Yes,i too want to see Italy.I visited many european countries,but not italy.
Ram.I have not visited any european country,hope your invitation i can gladly accept,if our MD approves.
Atkinson.Certainly,Our company will approve
After finishing the delicious lunch with Kesari and Desert they left the dining hall.
Ram and Vasanthy was sitting in the reception hall.
Vasanthy.I am so happy to see you after a gap of one month.How was your visit.
Ram.It was niceVasanthy.I remembered our old days ,when i was crossing Kempagowda talkies in Bengaluru
Vasanthy.Please read this letter when you are alone.She gave a small cover to him.
By that time all have come.Ram took it and kept in his pocket.
After chatting for few minutes they left.
Kathambari dropped Ram on her way to her home.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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