Tribute 406.

Tribute to Director Ameer 406.
Today i remembered another interesting film personality from the Tamil film industry is none other than Director Ameer.Started his career with Director Bala worked with his award winning film Sethu.Then he become independent Director.He has worked with all up coming actors viz Surya,,Karthi,Jeeva Ravi,,Saranya, Trisha, Priya mani,Rahman and others.He made a bigimpact through his film Paruthi veeran, acted by Karthi ,Priya mani and others gavea good name and bestowed him best director award is worth to be mentioned here.He has few movies only to his credit ,in his one and half decades film career and i saw couple of films of this Director.Those movies are,Mounam pesiyathy,Raam,Paruthi veeran,and Aadhi Bhagavan,Crisp dialoques ,good screnplay and nice cinematography will be visible in his movies.He is one of the few directors liked by all.
Madurai has created many talented film technicians,actors is not an exaggerated one and this director also hails from the famous Madurai city.To day i am happy to tribute this Director.
See You Next Week,


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