Life is Beautiful 317.


Life is Beautiful 317.
Ram also wished Prasanna’s mother.How are you
Mother.I am fine ,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Prasanna and Kathambari are fine.Prasanna given Saffron pockets to you.Please take this.
Mother .Thank you. I used to send this to Sri Ramanujar Sannadhi in Melkottai through one friend using for their daily pooja.
Ram.Sri Ramanujar is great Acharyar.
Ananda rao.Next year a great celebration has arranged in Karnataka for his 1000th
Ram.Deserving one for this Personality.Man who has created a revolution in SriVaishnavam Philosophy.I am really proud to be his disciple
AnandaRao..Really we are all proud he has done a great work in Karnataka and spent more years.. This Achayan will be remembered for ever.
Mother brought Sweets and fruits to Ram.
Thank you.My favorite Ragi sweet adai
Mother.I know,you love that.
Ram.I love this ragiadai prepared by jackry.
Mother. Tasty and good for health.
After that Ram spent few minutes then left for Ananda Rao’s house.
While going Ram visitedMurthy’s house.Tomy came very fast after seeing his Boss
Ram just pated Tomy and Tomy was jumping with joy.
Murthy.Yesterday only Tomy came from the hospital.
Ram.I am sincerely thanking you for taking care for nearly three years.
Murthy.He is quiet,soft and understandable.
Ram.Thank you for your compliment.I will make a move.Tomorrow morning i am leaving.
Murthy.Ram i will drop you in your hotel.
Ram thanked Murthy’s wife and daughter for their nice Soup.
Murthy dropped Ram to his hotel
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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