Life Is Beautiful 312.


Life is Beautiful 312.
Ram was going to his office .Driver Ali was going slowly because of heavy rain.Lot of cars are stopped because of rain and traffic.Ram was listening the news .By that time he received a Call from Raj
Hi Ram,how are you.How is rain in Dubai.
Ram.Today again started,i am on my way to my office.Tell me
Raj.You have covered the news of Liquor Tycoon nicely.i saw that.Today i am sending Brussels Air port attack and Fly Dubai crash coverage details.
Ram.I am wondering why accidents are increasing day by day particularly air crashes.
Raj.What is the reason for this Ram.
Ram.Eighty %nature and 20% negligence of the pilots this is my opinion
Raj.True.But Indian National Carrier Air India always have problems either by the staff or technical reasons due to tyre burst.
Ram.Mere negligence and lack of administration are the main reasons.I personaly feel Air India should be made as private organisation.
Raj.Yes,earlier heavy loss and no one talk about that.Today Vijay Mallya gate only talk of the town.
Ram.This loss also heavy.But In India accountability is not there
Raj.Even though they say ,no one bothers
Ram.Once isaw your mail i will cover
Raj.Tcare,Bye now.Have a nice day
Ram.You too.Ali still no car is moved
Ali.Yes sir,Now rain is coming very fast
Ram.You can go slowly.
Then after few seconds the traffic started moving
Ali reached the office safely.
Ram entered his cabin saw Kathambari was waiting.
Kathambari.Happy returns of the day Ram
Ram.What for.
Kathambari.Today is your Birth day.
Ram.Today,I remember next week
Kathambari.But today is your Star day.
Ram.Oh,my god ,today is Utiram my star.How you remember.
Kathambari.Last year you told me ,and i told mum.She remembered today asked me to wish you.
Ram.Thank you
Kathambari.Here is the Sweet,your favoriteMysore Pak.Mum prepared
Ram.Thank you
Then Kathambari left
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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