Life is Beautiful 311.


Life is Beautiful 311.
Prasanna’s mother was welcoming all the guests.
Raj.Madam,Nice that you have arranged this function today.My daughter’s birth day today she will get the blessings for a bright career from lord Venkateswara.
Mother.Why your daughter only ,every one will get the blessings of lord Srinivasa.
They went in side the temple.The Pooja was performed for an hour.All have good darshan of the Supreme lord got the prasadam Laddu.
Murthy.Nice taste,like Tirupathy Laddu.
Raj.Yes,Very tasty.
Ananda Rao.I am really happy today ,my son got promotion in his office.
Mother.All are Blessed today.
By that time Prasanna’s call came to Murthy
Sir,How are you.Mom is there
I am fine.We all enjoyed Kalyana Utsavam of Lord Venkateswara in the Vontikopal temple.
I will give to your mother
Mother.Prasanna,how are you.The Pooja went on well
Prasanna.Thank youAmma.Kathambari and her mother conveyed their regards
Mother.Thank you.What other news
Prasanna.Ram Sir Conveyed his regards to all.
Mother.O.K Tell my regards
Prasanna.Bye,i have to meet a Doctor here.Tcare,Regards to Ananda rao Uncle.
Mother.I will tell him.
After the conversation Raj droped Prasanna’s Mother and Ananda rao in their houses.
While going Murthy telling to his MD
Today we all blessed Srinivasa’s blessings.
Srivatsava.True,With out his Blessings we can not do or achieve any thing.
Murthy.But People are thinking that they have done if any thing happened good
Srivatsava.True.Still many have not realaized that God only making
Murthy.You are right .Your house has come
Srivatsava.Thank you Murthy ,See you tomorrow.
Murthy reached his house
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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