Life is Beautiful 308.


Life is Beautiful 308.
Ram was busy in the office.He was expecting a call from Atkinson for some important meeting.
By that time Atkinson entered his cabin.
Atkinson.Ram,i was expecting the new Business group for important discussions ,but that was postponed next week.How are you.
Ram.I am fine. Infact i was expecting a call from you,
Atkinson.That was the reason i myself came
Ram.You would like to have tea
Atkinson.Just now i had.Yesterday i received a call from Lizioli
Ram.Good,is he visiting
Atkinson.Not now.He was inquiring Kathambari’s wedding .
Ram.I see
Atkinson. Tomorrow you have to meet a big automobile group
Ram.What time
Atkinson.Morning 10A.M. Their office in Jebelali.I will send the address tom through Ali.Bye now
After Atkinson left Ram received a call from Raj
Ram.Just now i have sent some important details on the latest development in India.JNU and Jat agitation.
Ram.Yes,i saw it in the news and read in papers.Very unfortunate
Raj.I do n’t know why we are going in a wrong path
Ram.I am also wondering.Today no one remember the Late Mahatma’s legacy and his principle
Raj.True.Hope things will improve in a few days
Ram.I am also hoping.I will cover this news in the night
Raj.Thank you.Tcare .Regards to Atkinson,Kathambari,Prasanna and Madam
Ram.I will tell.Bye now.
After that Ram was busy in his work.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


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