Life is Beautiful 304.


Life is Beautiful 304.
While going Prasanna’s mother was telling Ram
I am enjoying my stay in Dubai and i am thanking you for the wonderful arrangements you made for all of us and the lavish marriage i can not for get.
Vasanthy.Not at all Madam,It is my pleasure to take care of my guests.
Prasanna’s Mother.The Sweets which you have kept for us was nice.Particularly Mysore pak and Badhusha.
Vasanthy.Thank you.The Cook has done it nicely.
Mother.Very tasty .
By the time they reached their hotel.
Mother.Thank you. Tomorrow what time our flight.
Vasanthy.5P.M.You have to leave the hotel at 2-45P.M.
Raj.We will be ready at 2-45.
Vasanthy.The bus will come and pick you.Who is having all the tickets.
Raj.I am having with me.
Vasanthy.If you want to buy any thing you can go in the morning.
Raj.Thank you.I do n’t have any thing to buy.Only madam wanted to buy some bangles.
Vasanthy.Madam you want to buy
Mother.Yes,i wanted to present it to my Beautiful daughter in law
Vasanthy.Oh i see.
Mother.Tomorrow morning what time Gold souk opens.
Vasanthy.8-30.A.M. It is very close by.I will see you all in the airport.Bye now.
After she left all are settled in their respective rooms.
While going Vasanthy ,Ram we will drop you in your flat.
Prasanna.Yes sir,we will drop you
Ram.Thank you .Kathambari your mum has done the marriage very nicely and attractively.
Vasanthy.Thank you Ram,
By the time Kathambari reached Ram’s house.
Vasanthy.See you tomorrow in the airport.Bye
Ram.Bye,Take care
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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