Life is Beautiful 294.


Lifeis Beautiful 294.
Mysore was raining heavily.Raj was busy with talking to his friend over phone.Another few days the rain will continue was the announcement from met department.Raj’s wife Aarthi brought tea for him.Raj finished his phone conversation and took the tea.
Aarthi.Today morning Prasanna’s mom called ,but you are not there.She asked to call herin the evening
Raj was about to call her ,by that time Some car came.He saw Prasanna’s mother and her relative and friend of Ram Anandarao coming in side.
Anandarao.How are you Raj
Raj.I am fine,Please come .How are you Madam
Prasanna’s Mother.I am fine
Aarthi.Aunty ,come..Your son ‘s marriage is coming .\we are all very happy.
Mother.For that i have come to invite you all.You all have to come to Dubai for the wedding
Aarthi.Thank you aunty.My daughter has some exam in the college.Other wise i wanted to come attend and see Dubai
Raj.Yes madam,because of that she could n’t come.Today i received all our visas from Prasanna.
Mother.I see,
Raj.For you,me,Murthy ,his MD, i received .Ananda rao has got his visa one month back from his son.He is also coming with us on 7Nov.
Mother.How will be Dubai.Any temple is there
Raj.Yes Madam.Krishna temple is there.North indian people is running that.
nice one.
Mother.Good,This is the Invitation Prasanna sent.I received today.
Raj.Thank you.This is Our house Marriage.We all willenjoy
Mother.I want that with all your blessings to my son
Aanandarao.Always there madam.Ram is the main person brought him to this extent and Prasanna will have bright future.
Aarthi.Aunty take this Sweet Kesari
Mother.You have taken trouble aarthi
Aarthi.No aunty,Kesari and Vadai i prepared for our tiffin
Mother.Very nice .Thank you
Aarthi.Coffee or tea i can bring aunty.
Mother.Tea only.
After spending half an hour with Raj,Prasanna’s mother and Ananda rao left.
After that Raj was preparing for his next day interview with a local company in My sore.
(to be continued)
See You Next week


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