Life is Beautiful 289.



Life is Beautiful 289.
After two days Ram was moving towards Emirates Terminal to see Murthy off.Heavy traffic was there.Cars and buses are moving slowly.Driver Ali,Sir ,What time the flight.
Ram.Another two hours is there.I never expected this.What is the reason for this traffic.
Ali.I think UAE army brought the bodies of Martyrs from Yemen.
Ram.You are right,i read it in the paper.They are brave soldiers sacrificed their life to their mother land UAE.
Ali.Correct Sir.Different type of age groups
Ram.UAE is doing a great honour for this Martyrs.
Ali.I think now cars are moving faster,ope we will reach before the departure.
Finally they reached.Murthy and Prasanna was waiting for Ram
Ram.At last i reached. This Pocket you can give to Raj.
Murthy.Sure.Hope to see you in Prasanna’s Marriage.
Ram.Convey my regards to our friends and Prasanna’s mother.
By that time the announcement came for the passengers.
Murthy.Very kind of you,take carebye Ram,Prasanna.Regards to Atkinson,Kathambari and Ali.
Ram.I will tell them.Bye
After that Ram took Prasanna with him droped his flat and came to his flat.
After few minutes watching the T.V he went to kitchen to prepare for the night dinner.He took some bread slices and Salads tartedwatching T.V for some more time
which he is more fond of in the night.
By the time his phone was ringing.Ravi is on the other line.
Mr Ram coming friday we are performing Satyanarayan Pooja in our house.My parents wanted to asked me to invite you and your friends.
Ram.O.K.What time the pooja starts.
Ravi.Eleven ‘0’Clock in the morning.
Ram.Thank you.I will be there.
After that Ram finished his night dinner
Again his phone was ringing.Murthy from he airport was calling
Ram,we would have spent some more time.The flight was delayed by one hour due to some problems.This is the first time it has happend in Emirates.
Ram.True.Some times The Finest in The Sky will also be delayed
Ram.You too.
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,


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