Life is Beautiful 288.


Life is Beautiful 288.
Ram came home after one hour from Ravi’s house.It was a memorable evening for him .After changing his dress he received a call from Raj.
Good evening Mr Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine.How are you.How is your family.
Raj.All are fine.I want a small favour from you.
Ram.Tell me
Raj.When Murthy is coming
Ram.Tomorrow by Emirates
Raj.If it is possible can you buy few pockets of Safron and send through Murthy.I wanted to give a temple here for Ramanujar sannadhi.
Ram.It is a pleasure for me .I will get six pockets and send through Murthy.His flight is in the evening.I will buy tomorrow morning and give it to him.
Raj.Thank you so much.Tell me the Indian rs through Murthy
Ram.What is that you are talking.I am giving this for the Great Bhasyakarar. Take this as my kaingaryam.
Raj.O.K. How is your job.I saw your beautiful coverage of Jagmohan Dalmia’S demise.
Today i am going to send another interesting story to cover
Ram.What ever you send me and Atkinson immediately take up for coverage.
Raj.Thank you.Now i am in Bengaluru
Ram.You are not in Mysuru
Raj.I came here in the afternoon for the Coverage of Angela Merkal’s Visit to Bengaluru
Ram.Yes,i read it in the papers.Hope Modi and Merkal will boost the Indo-German relationship.
Raj. Certainly.How is the Indian economy.
Raj.There are certain improvements but Inflation is still a question mark.It takes some more time for Modi to control.
Ram. i agree with you.Hope with all the draw backs Modi may over come .
Raj.Thank you Ram.Take care ,Bye now.I will send the coverage details in the night.
Ram.O.K.You too take care.Bye
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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