Life is Beautiful 287.

Life is Beautiful 287.
Next day evening Ram reached Ravi’s house.He was waiting for Ram.
Ravi.Good evening Mr Ram.Please come in side.Meet my Dad ,retired from Pharma industry
Ram.Nice to meet you Sir,Your good name
Dad.My name is Ramaswamy.I retired from Pharmed(P) Ltd a Bombay based Company as Chief Accountant.
Ram.Nice.i heard about that company.I think Triactin is their product for arthritis.
Ramaswamy.You are right.That is the fast moving product.
Ram.I remember that because a doctor friend of mine prescribe for arthritis patients.That gives good relief.
Ramaswamy.Yes,Please have tiffin.
Ram.My favorite Mysore Pak ,and Rava dosai.
Ravi.I too like.Meet my wife Ragini,my only son has gone out to play.My mother and dad has come last week.
Ramaswamy.Ravi was telling about you.You have called him and gave his wallet . .You are a Honest and great man.
Ram.No sir,i was brought up my parents like that.My dad always tell me ,we should never take others money if you find with proof you hand over to the respective person.That phylosophy i am adapting from my child hood sir.I am an ordinary man.
Ramaswamy.I am really proud of you. Where is your family and children
Ram.No family,i am alone.I lost my parents
Ravi.How was tiffin sir.You have to come one day for lunch.
Ravi.Today is a memorable day in my life.You have come to my house and a close friend of mine in US attended the meeting along with Prime Minister Modi.
Ram.You mean ,the CEO’s meeting.
Ravi.Yes,my friend works for Google in a good position.Modi has created a big impact this time in US.
Ram.You are right.But no body appreciate his long term vision and foresight.
Ravi.Yes,but he has to solve local issues
Ram.Yes,hope he will .Can i take leaveof you
Ravi.Thank you very much for droping.Shall i drop you.
Ram.No problem.I will go ,Bye to all.
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week,


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