Life is Beautiful 285.

Life is Beautiful 285.
Ram opened the door.One young man was standing out side,
How are you sir,
Ram.Please come in how are you Mr Ravi.
Ravi.I am very happy you are remembering my name.
Ram. normally remember all the names.At times i do for get
Ravi.Sorry to disturb you Sir.My Parents have come from India.I told about you and my parents wants to meet you.I have come here to invite you to my house tomorrow evening.
Ram.It is my pleasure also to meet your parents.Where you stay
Ravi.I stay in Karama.I will come and pick you
Ram.You could have called me over phone
Ravi.I want to come personally to invite you.I can not for get the help you have done to me.
Ram.Nothing i have done
Ravi.You are great sir,
Ram.No,Ravi i am an ordinary person
Ravi.Wheather you remember or not i still remember.When i left my purse in the CBD bank ATM machine and i was driving You called me after seeing my Card from the purse. I came and collected my purse and all my amount Dms 25000, was in tact which i can not for get

Ram.As a human being i have done this.
Ravi. No sir,you are above human being.

Ram. O.K.Tomorrow what time i should be ready
Ravi.6-30.PM. Iwill come
Ram.You tell me your address.I will come from my office.Karama is on the way
Ravi.O.K .I will send my address by SMS tomorrow.
Ram.What you would like to have
Ravi.No sir,I had my lunch See you tomorrow.
After he leftRam closed the door.He was about to open his Beautiful Vasanthy’s Cover
By that time again his mobile was ringing
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week


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