Life is Beautiful 284.


Life is Beautiful 284.
Ram took the phone.Atkinson was in the other line
Good after noon Mr Ram.How are you
Ram.I am fine.Tell me Mr Atkinson
Atkinson.I am on the way to City Center,wants to see you
Ram.You are Welcome ,Where are you now.
Atkinson.Another three minitues i will be reaching your flat.If you are free i can come
Ram.You are Welcome.I am very much free
After three minitues Atkinson reached Ram’s flat
Ram.Nice to see you Mr Atkinson.
Atkinson.Sorry to disturb you
Ram.No ,problem.What you would like to have
Atkinson.No,Ihad my lunch one hour back.Tomorrow i am going to London for some urgent work will be back after one week. You have to meet the Finance secretary day after tomorrow for the contract of all their activities in our channel.I already spoke to them that you will be coming there.This is the main reason i came.I want to see you in person and tell this.This is a important contract which i hope we will get through your convincing nature.
Ram.I try my best to get this Prestigious contract Mr Atkinson.
Atkinson.I know you will get this.Take care.
Ram.Bye ,Happy and Safe journey.
After Atkinson left Ram remembered the letter given by Vasanthy.When he is about to open the cover ,some body was ringing his door bell.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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