Life is Beautiful 283.



Life is Beautiful 283.
While going Murthy was telling to Ram,
The Lunch was very nice and above all Vasanthy’s arrangements for the marriage was superb.
Ram.Yes ,Murthy .Her arrangements was nice .I am happy that Shankar Mahadevan is going to sing for Prasanna’s marriage.
Prasanna.I never expected this Sir. today i will give a mail to Raj sir to apply leave.

Ram.Yes,he has to inform in advance.
Prasanna.I will ask Raj sir to send his Passport details to apply for visa
Ram.Correct,it will take fifteen days to get the visa.
Prasanna.Even earlier i will get.Our PRO is influential in the Immigration
Murthy.Good,Iam happy to come back again to this Golden City Dubai.with our M.D
Ram.I am also eager to see Mr Srivatsava.
Murthy.He always tells about you and your Journalism Ram
Ram.He is also a Wonderful person with full of Pharma knowledge
Murthy.Yes,he is a man of thorough knowledge
Prasanna.Ram sir,your flat has come
Ram.O.K. See you later .
Murthy.Bye now Ram.Before i leave i will call you
Ram came to his flat. After took some rest he wanted to open and see the letter which Vasanthy gave to him
By that time his Mobile was ringing.His friend Ananda rao was on the other line
Hello Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine,how are you.Tell me
Ananda rao.I am planning to visit Dubai next week.I will inform you the exact date later.Just want to say hello to you i called.Take care,Bye
After that Ram wanted to open the letter
By that time his bell was ringing
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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