Life is Beautiful 282.


Life is Beautiful 282.
After the Lunch Ram and others discussed the master piece comedy story of Washingtanil thirumanam.
Murthy.Like Washingtanil thirumanam Prasanna’s marriage will be celebrated here in the Golden city Dubai.
Vasanthy.Not like that.that was a big story.
Ram.What ever be ,the attempt should appreciated.
Vasanthy.Thank you.I may get 300-350. guests will come for the marriage.
Ram.That ‘s very big in this Golden city.
Kathambari.I want to have some good musical programme on that day
Vasanthy.I am trying to contact Shankar Mahadevan for the reception programme,
Ram.Lovely,he is one of the versatile singer whom i like
Murthy.I too like his voice.So many movies like Dil Chathahi ,Tare Zameen Par and many.
Ram.His continues solo singing was superb.He is one of the versatile singer we have today in Bollywood industry.
Vasanthy. To cover all the marriage functions i am contacting a good cinematographer of South indian film industry Mr Natrajan.
Ram.You mean Natrajan Subramaniam.He is one of the talented technician Indian film industry has got.
Vasanthy.Through one of my friend who is a Auditor knows him.Hopefully i may fix him.
Ram.Good,he is one of the talented Cinematographers of Indian film industry we have today.
Vasanthy.I saw some of his movies,and impressed about his work.
Ram.Nice idea.
Murthy.I have no knowledge about Camera.But Ram knows because he is a good writer.
Kathambari.Is it,great.I know he is only a good speaker.
Vasanthy.We will ask Ram to give a small talk on that day.
Murthy.That is nice.
After few minitues Ram , Murthy, Prasanna left
While entering in to the lift Vasanthy Called Ram,excuse me Ram,this is yours
Vasanthy.Please come and see.
Ram went in side.Vasanthy gave a letter to him.Go through this,bye
After a long time Vasanthy gave a letter to Ram.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week


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