Tribute 359.

MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015
Tribute to Cinematographer V.Manikandan 359.
Today i am going to pen another Interesting film personality from the south Indian film industry is none other than Cinematographer V.Manikandan.He has worked with top class directors like ManiRatnam,K.Shankar, and SashiKumarHe has contributed his brilliant work in Three languages films,Tamil,Hindi and Malayalam won many awards is worth to be mentioned here.In his Twenty one year film career he has given many remarkable movies.Anniyan movie gave him the best cinematography award from Film fare.His Lovely Cinematography in Anniyan gave him fame along with Director Shankar.Both Indoor and out door his frame work will be more visible in his films.He has contributed many Hindi films with top class actors like,Shahrukhan,Sushmita SEn,Sunil Shetty and many others.I have seen couple of films of this Stalwart.Those movies are, Sengottai,Mr Romeo,Anniyan,(Tamil).Om Shanti Om,MainHoon Na,and Kuch Na kaho and one or two i could n’t recollect.In cidently he hails from Textile City of India Coimbatore and created a big impact in the film industry.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented Cinematographer.
See You Next Week,


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