Article 394.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 14March 15, (Article 394)

Under the gun

In my city, because of the recent climate change, a lot of people are suffering from cold.  Apart from this, another fever runs high, that is the exam fever. Many parents are tense and equally engaged with their kids because of the annual exam. More than the kids, parents are worried about their children’s future. Especially those who are appearing for the 12th standard exams.

Recently, in my usual evening walk I was told by my friend, “Parents should not give more pressure to kids. It might affect them.”

The children should be allowed to perform freely so as to achieve maximum results during the tests. A stress-free delivery will give better results, no doubt. Stress and nervousness make people panic, and as a result the test, or may be anything that hampers it, suffers.


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